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Dr. Jart

Dermaclear Micro PH Foam Cleanser

Dermaclear Micro PH Foam Cleanser

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A Gel-to-Foam cleanser has a dewy gel formula transformed into rich lather on contact with water. Rich in minerals, the Dead Sea salt leaves the skin feeling dewy without a tight sensation after cleansing. This mild, gel to foam cleanser provides gently cleansing while balances skin pH level. Coconut-derived surfactant softly cleanses the skin without any irritations.


When the soft cream-type formulation comes into contact with water, it forms rich and dense Micro Bubbles, which thoroughly and thoroughly cleanses the skin without burdening the skin.

With the synergistic effect of pink calamine powder and tea tree, it takes care of oily skin and intensively cares for troubled areas quickly.

It is a mild and moist cleansing foam that gently adheres to the skin even after washing with a soothing herbal complex that soothes stressed skin and Panthenol, which helps to retain moisture without tightness or dryness.

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