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P and J

Onyx Glass Bottle

Onyx Glass Bottle

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For the bold and daring, Onyx is P and Js matte black silicone bottle with an attitude. Got 99 problems but drinking enough water is definitely not one of them when Onyx is by your side.


+ Durable and fade-resistant silicone 

+ Reinforced bottom protects the integrity of the glass bottle

P and Js unique foldable straw lid and water level window allows you to sip and see your daily water intake. Each bottle comes with a straw cleaner to help you keep tings so fresh and so clean. 1L with straw lid and custom resistant silicone. 

Care Instructions 

Use your complimentary straw cleaner to clean your straw + lid. Your bottle is dishwasher safe, straw + lid are top rack only. Be gentle when removing the straw, broken straws will not work properly. Do not hyper-extend your straw lid, keep it straight up. When the straw is closed, your bottle will build pressure. Before opening the straw, twist your lid to release pressure, then hydrate. Do not use with hot liquids.

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