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Well Kept

Safety Razor Blades

Safety Razor Blades

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These double-edge, stainless steel safety razor blades glide over your skin, reducing irritation and ingrown hairs. They’re plastic-free and cost cents rather than dollars. Furthermore, you can use them with any standard safety razor and recycle them with Well Kept's blade bank program

One single, sharp blade reduces irritation and ingrown hairs and is made without drying soap strips or plastic. Wellkept recommends switching out your blades after 5-8 shaves. Please recycle your safety razor blades with well kept's blade bank program or properly dispose of. 

Using your safety razor isn’t complicated, you just have to get to know it. Start with our step-by-step guides on putting your razor together, changing your safety razor blade, and finding the very best shave.

Material: Stainless steel.

[20 Pack]

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